Work/Project History

Current projects:

2012 Healthgrades 2.0

  • Redesign of main site
  • Drove creation of first site
  • Responsible for creating and designing next products and new product features

2011 NBA Dynasty for Playdom / Disney Interactive Media

Featuring Real Players from 1948 through the Present


Based on the Earl Weaver Baseball Simulation Engine

2010 Clearwire (Online Customer Care and Out of the Box Experience)

Improving the Customer Experience

2009 Startups (Advising and Consulting)

  • CMO for Boulder-based in-stealth-mode startup
  • MeetingWave
  • SnapRead

EWB Baseball (iPhone)

EWB Baseball for iPhone

EWB Baseball for iPhone

Big Green Rabbit (Consulting Executive for Digital Strategy)

Charlie, the Big Green Rabbit

Charlie, the Big Green Rabbit

Previous Projects/Companies (President, Creative Executive)

news-rat-v3-cz (President)


IAC – Managing Director, DesignIAC (cross company product/creative design effort before IAC’s split up)

  • VacationSource (site design)
  • FiLife (assisted with original business creation and site architecture
  • LendingTree/ (designed new business)
  • CitySearch (assisted with site redesign/evaluation)
  • CitySearch Mobile (design/architecture)
  • Cornerstone Brands (evaluated sites’ architecture and design)
  • VeryShortList (re-design)
  • ResortQuest (re-design)
  • CondoDirect (re-design) (Senior Vice President, New Brands / Product Design )


  • (GM, lead creation of business and web site)


  • MFB with Dr. Phil

AT&T Wireless (Consulting Executive: Site Design, Product Development)

  • Site integration architecture for merge with Cingular
  • Site redesign
  • Integration of web sales into retail stores

E*TRADE (VP Digital Financial Media, Web Site and Creative Services)


Jim Henson Company (VP Interactive)

Jim Henson Interactive

Jim Henson Interactive

Activision (Executive Producer)


  • Return to Zork


  • Rodney’s Funscreen
  • Manhole (enhanced version)

Mirage Graphics (Founder, President).  Developer for Electronic Arts and other games publishers

  • Earl Weaver Baseball


  • Road to the Final Four

Atari (Game Designer/Developer)


Mattel Electronics (Game Designer/Developer)


3 Responses to “Work/Project History”

  1. Kevin says:


    As a faithful player of EWB II. I just got done making some changes to my allteam league.

    Have you done anything updates or anything to your shareware I got it baseball. I haven’t ordered it yet.I think it would be neat if a league could be started and carried over for many years. With the players stats all being able to be sorted out by year and by career.

  2. Eddie D. says:

    I’ve been updating the code base to I GOT IT BASEBALL (or igiBall as I call it and which is the share ware version) but have been deploying it first in the iPhone app I’m publishing called EWB Baseball. I hope to “back port” these updates.

    Right now I’m working on allowing people to post their season stats files for others to use for both igiBall and EWB Baseball on one of my web sites (probably ).

    As for incorporating a career-like capability, I would love to get to this, but it’s down the list… I have a few ideas in mind of what’s next, so stay tuned.

  3. Kevin2 says:

    Have you thought about an Android EWB Baseball? btw, original EarlWeaver Baseball was excellent – I’m still playing it now and then…
    Thanks for my favorite alltime computer game (by far)!
    kevin t

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