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  1. Patrick Ditty says:

    Mr. Dombrower, I dcouldn’t locate EWB as an app for my iphone4s. How do I go about downloading it?


    Pat Ditty

    p.s. we used to play Earl Weaver at lunch at a former job, and then at home with my 3 sons.

  2. Will Tallman says:

    Hello Mr. Dombrower, my name is Will Tallman and I have a rather simple question to an 8+ year long conquest I’ve had in regards to Earl Weaver Baseball 2 (v 1.1). I can’t explain how much I love this game, and how many hours I’ve spent playing it. Everything about it is perfect and I always go back to it no matter how many new baseball games come out. There is one thing I’ve always wanted to do, and I KNOW it would be so simple, but I’ve never been able to figure it out: I simply want to change the sky background to a dark blue night color so I can play night games! I understand enough about programming that making a “night game” option in a menu would be tedious, but I would be perfectly happy to just have whatever applicable graphic/hex attribute changed so that the sky is dark, and have 2 different files to alternate between when I want to play a day or night game. I know how busy you are, but any help would be greatly appreciated. I’ve even taken screenshots of the game and colored the sky dark blue to give the feeling of a night game. Please help me if you have time and if it’s somewhat simply, or point me in the right direction if you can.

    If you can’t help, I completely understand as you are extremely busy with your real work and life. Thank you for making such a great game, have a nice day and thanks for your time.

    -Will Tallman

  3. Brian Rubin says:

    Dear Mr. Dombrower:

    My name is Brian Rubin, and I write for Machinima’s Inside Gaming Daily blog about video game news, reviews, and history. Currently, I’m working on a multi-part feature documenting the history of EA Sports. In my research I discovered that you and Don Daglow developed one of the first, if not the first baseball video game published by Electronic Arts, Earl Weaver Baseball, and that you’ve had a long career of bringing sports into the video game medium.

    Do you think I could chat with you on Skype for a brief interview about your work sometime in the next few days? An e-mail interview could also work if you prefer. It would be an honor to be able to include insights from someone who helped pave the way for the video game medium in our series. I hope to hear back from you soon, and thanks so much for your time.

    Brian Rubin

  4. David Harley says:

    Thank you so much for World Series Baseball. It is one of the greatest games made for the Intellivision. Would you have documentation you could share about the game?

    Thanks, David

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