I Got It Baseball update

For those looking for news about I Got it Baseball (or igiBall).. here’s an update.

For the past several years I’ve had an incredible job with IAC building new products for them and so haven’t been able to make any updates to igiBall.  With the just started (March 2009) release of my baseball game (EWB BASEBALL) for the iPhone, I’ve been making improvements to the underlying engine in both EWBB and igiBall.

IF (and that’s a pretty big if), there’s enough interest in EWBB (i.e. actual sales), I will have the time and resources to move those improvements over to igiBall.

However, part of the EWB Baseball project is to consider how to make over-the-Internet play work.  So, should that pan out, I will make an update to igiBall to connect users that want to play one another over the Internet.

The first step will be to provide a method for uploading/downloading stats/league files that users create (both games use the exact same file format).  Files can be created using igiBall for EWBB so the two projects will become closer and closer over time.

Stay tuned.  Best to follow the EWBB blog or ewbbaseball on twitter.